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What To Expect In This Special Pilgrimage

Your pilgrimage begins since you make the decision to do it, even without realizing it. This you will discover at the end of your trip.

Let yourself be surprised at another level while you travel the places where traces of historical events and their meaning have been left. A pilgrimage means the search for a reunion, a change and a path of conversion with your faith. Make the most of this opportunity. If you are planning to make this special pilgrimage with us you can expect an unforgettable experience finding yourself in the places where Jesus walked, talked and ate with his disciples.

While you travel and hear a lot of information from your tour guide maybe you have the opportunity to realize how near was Jesus to Mankind. In between stones and buildings you can revive your faith in an unexpected way. Also, you will have the opportunity to have an encounter with the" Living stones” who their roots are going back to the first and second centuries AD when Christianity was still in its beginning under the persecution of the Roman Empire.

The Native Christians who are living today in the Holy Land are the remains of the Christians who have lived in the Middle East since the dawn of Christianity itself and are endangered to be extinct.