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Day 1

Arrival to Tel Aviv Airport. Meet in assist by our tour guide and the bus driver. In case of early arrival then we might visit Jaffa & Tel Aviv city including St. Peter church which is commemorating the vision of St. Peter & the resurrection of Dorcas (Thabita). In Jaffa, Jona Sailed to Tarshish disobeying God's will to go to Ninveh. Transfer to your hotel in Jerusalem. Dinner and overnight.

Day 2

After breakfast transfer to Mount Of Olives to visit the most important holy sites over there like The Chapel Of Ascension, Our Father Church,  The Panoramic View Of The Holy City, The Dominus Flevit Church, The Russian Orthodox Maria Magdalena church, Gethsemane Garden and church and the Church of "May's Tomb". We continue to Mount Zion to Visit St. Peter Ingalicantu church (built over the ruins of Caiphas house where Peter denied Jesus Christ),  King David Tomb, The upper room, and the Dormition Abby. After that, we will be heading to Bethlehem to visit the Shepherds field and the Nativity church. Back to the hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 3

Starting our day in visiting the St Anne's Church and the Bethesda pools, Via Dolorosa and the Holy Sepulcher church the place of the Golgotha and the tomb of Jesus Christ.  Later on, we go back to our bus passing Jaffa gate and the Christian Quarter and heading to Jericho to visit Mt Of Temptation and the Sycamore tree and Qaser El-Yahood the original baptismal site (Jordan River but from the Israeli side ) Back to hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 4

Check out the hotel. Leaving to the north of Israel / Galilee area. In our way, we are going to visit "St George Church" in Lod where we can see the tomb of St George. Driving to Haifa city to visit "Stella Maris" church built over the cave where the prophet Elijah prayed and asked God to end the drought of the 3 years and a half. In Haifa, we'll visit the Panoramic view of the Bahai Gardens and also passing by the German Colony. Continue to Mt Tabor to visit the Transfiguration church (using the small micro-buses to reach the top of the Mountain. Continue to Nazareth to visit the Greek Orthodox Church of Annunciation which is built over the Spring where those days the people of Nazareth used to fill their Jars and according to the Orthodox faith the Annunciation took place in this site (please bring with you empty bottles to fill them with the holy water as a blessing). Continue walking to the church of Annunciation for the Catholics who believe that the Annunciation took a place there and not nearby the Spring !! The Catholic church is built over the house of Mary. In the same compound of the Catholic church, there is another church called St Joseph church which is according to the traditions is the place of the house and the workshop of the Holy Family after coming back from Egypt and where Jesus Christ grew up. Check-in hotel in Nazareth for 2 nights.

Day 5

After breakfast drive to Cana of Galilee to visit the wedding church. In Cana, you can taste the sweet wine of the wedding for free in one of the souvenir shops. Continue to the Sea Of Galilee to visit the ruins of Capernaum, Mt Of Beatitudes (The Sermon On The Mountain), Tabgha where Jesus fed the 5000 by multiplying the 2 fish and the 5 loaves, St Peter Primacy church and Yardenit the baptismal site on the northern side of Jordan river (which was chosen to be there in the year 1981 by the Israeli ministry of tourism for the fact of banning the people those days from visiting the original baptismal site for being "No Man Land" or buffer zone according to the United Nations. We'll finish our tour by sailing in A Jesus boat replica on the Sea Of Galilee. Back to the hotel in Nazareth.

Day 6

Transfer to the Tel Aviv airport for our return flight home



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